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About me


My love for music began at the age of 6 including the practice of drums, which is now daily. But I also had a particular interest in blues, rock, jazz, orchestral music and electronic music (hardware and software).

At the same age I discovered video games on Atari, Game Gear, Game Boy, Playstation and PC. It gradually becomes my main field of experiments: computer graphics, video games creation and assets modifications, video editing, web design, illustration, composition, synthesis, sound design, etc ...

Later, I decided to concentrate on sound and music. I obtained an Audiovisual BTS with a sound speciality.

In 2007, I was hired by Vivendi Games Mobile as a sound designer and works full-time on famous licenses as Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, Ghostbusters, Bourne, Virtual Villagers, Larry Leisure, Prison Break, 50 Cent.

I became freelance in 2009 and gradually built a professional network in Ile-de-France and a studio counting today many real and virtual instruments, synthesizers, microphones / preamps / reference monitors, portable recorder Nagra etc ...

Also occasionally, I've been sound engineer on shoots (long and short film, reportage, documentary), mixer (Album mock rock and jazz, long and short), live sound engineer, radio technician and Kontakt developer.

They've trusted me :


  • Vivendi Games Mobile
  • Bulkypix
  • Mobigame
  • Kylotonn
  • Playsoft
  • Devalley Entertainment
  • Qozmo
  • Heliceum
  • Press Start Studio
  • Talented People
  • int13
  • MS Pixel
  • Is Cool Entertainment
  • Moonbird Game Studio
  • Purple Brain
  • Ad-Invaders
  • Majaka
  • Gumi Europe
  • TripleFun
  • Tindalos
  • Productions Soleil Rouge
  • Sushee
  • Hanakai ...